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Monthly Archives: 八月 2009


Wracked taught, for sport
In tortured heat
Your cries ring in my ears
Past paths we trod we’ll tread no more
For us there are no more years
And I wonder as you flounder in the rapids of your own tears
If a single soul once walked with you
Pays heed as your dread end nears

Something so unspeakable has locked into my heart
I hear, I fear the drawing near
Of every possible new start

Follow me closely, angel
You whose piety I once esteemed
Feel my caustic kiss my angel
You who crafted everything I dreamed
Comprehend me clearly angel
You whose magic once deployed
Laid waste to all inside of me
Leaving nothing but this vicious void
Angel, O my angel
Your pain I plainly see
My once and future love
Your pleas cannot move me
I’ve shorn your wings, sealed tight my soul
For you there can be no sanctuary

For when you’re led to where you will burn
At the breaking of the day
I’ll be the one to light the pyre
And watch you on your way

——-By Mr Avrom Goldberg